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                    The Opening Ceremony of Company’s Second-project Foundation and The new medicine Technology Research Institute signing solemnly held.
                    2016-07-18   Views:1007

                    In July 18, 2016, the second-phase project of Anhui Dexinjia bio Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Anhui Dexinjia Foundation Institute of new technology economic signing up ceremony. Municipal committee Wang Yufeng, county standing committee Ding Zhikai, The Party committee / Vice President of University of Jinan Durbin, vice president of Jinan University Wang Zhi, Anhui Dexinjia company responsible person Xu Kun, Tian Yuhua and county departments, University of Jinan professor Zheng Gengxiu attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided by the Taihe County Economic Development Zone Management Committee Director Zhao Wei.